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Evi Hasnita, Neila Sulung, Mila Sari
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ANPOR Annual Conference Proceedings
Background: Wasting is a condition of acute lack of nutrition where the weight of a toddler does not correspond to height or Zscore value of more than<-3 SD to<-2SD. The target of reducing the wasting rate in the world is 7.8% with a 2025 achievement target of 5% which requires a reduction of 40% from now. The general objective of this study was to obtain a description, analysis and interpretation of the incidence of wasting in children under five (059 months) in Pasaman and Bukittinggi City in 2019.
Method: This research is an analytic survey research with case-control design with mixed methods. The study was conducted at the Puskesmas of Pasaman Regency and Bukittinggi City, in May-June 2019. Quantitative sample of 216 Intake. Data analysis was carried out through three stages, namely univariate and bivariate chi-square test.
Results: Statistical test results showed that there was a significant relationship …
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E Hasnita, N Sulung, M Sari – ANPOR Annual Conference Proceedings, 2019
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