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Mila Sari
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Malaria is infectious disease caused of parasite plasmodium contangious though bite mosquito of Anopheles which infection. This disease can attacked everybody of baby, adult and also children. Regency West Pasaman occurrence to improve malaria that is 87 malaria case. This research type is describtive with of cross sectional that is describt relationship breeding place mosquito of anopheles sundaicus. Occurrence of malaria in Sikabau village regency of West Pasaman. Population counted 38 lead family and the samples get rit with simple random sampling counted 68 lead family. Collecting data conducted by inspection and observasion, processed data computerilized with analysis of univariate and bivariate. This research conducted February. Result analysis of univariate found by presentase responden suffering from malaria 60, 3%, there is breeding place 44, 1%. From result of bivariate got by breeding place of mosquito of Anopheles sundaicus have relationship with occurrence of malaria (p≤ 0,005). Result of research can be concluded that occurrence malaria in Sikabau Village Regency West Pasaman can influence by breeding place of anopheles sundaicus. Expected society to improve sanitation environment, with under breeding palce of mosquito Anopheles sundaicus.
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